Unparalleled colors, Hannam University soccer team
Unparalleled colors, Hannam University soccer team
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Hannam University soccer team was formally established on 24 March 2000. When the FA Cup is on the air all over the country, Hannam University announced their presence by defeating SAMICK, Kwangwoon University, while advancing to the round 16 in 2001. The university soccer team triumphed 5-0 over Sehan University in 2021 U-League sixth round of six zone at Anyang Sports Park’s 1ststadium. The victory led Hannam University at the top with a record of four wins and three draws in seven matches. How did Hannam University soccer team achieve these results?


The university soccer team coach Kyu-Seon Park said: “Our squad was understaffed last year, so many new players joined this year. This large number created challenges, but players endeavored to band together. Thanks to the players, the teamwork was good. So, I think our team was able to bring good results. And my advice to players was ‘Be confident,’ it’s OK to make mistakes. Also, I am teaching to focus on build-up and passing the ball. I tend to watch quite a lot of Manchester City FC and FC Barcelona games.”


Even though Hannam University soccer team has its home stadium, it uses another stadium. Coach Gyu-sun Park said: “the stadium is not so good, it needs to be repaired and players got injured when they trained at school last year. So, we use other stadium to prevent injury and minimize discomfort in training.”


Coach Gyu-sun Park picked Hyun-jun Kim, In-beom Kim, and Eun-seok Kim as lead players. “All the team players are good, but fourth graders are better. There are many hopeful players because they show remarkable ability in national competitions.”


And then, coach Gyu-sun Park revealed Hannam University soccer team’s strong ambitions. “My goal is to make Hannam University to best soccer team of all schools.” The soccer team players have been elected to the National league. They are acting as ambassadors communicating Hannam University’s plans for the team.”


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