The Self-studio of Hannam University’s Central Library
The Self-studio of Hannam University’s Central Library
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In May, Hannam University's LINC+ business team built a new ‘One-person Creator Media Room‘(Self Studio) on the first floor of the Central Library. Let's find out more detailed information on this ‘self-studio’ by interviewing Ga-Sook Han, deputy director of Hannam University Central Library.


Q1. Introduce Hannam University's ‘self-studio’.

Deputy director Ga-Sook Han: Hannam University's self-studio was established with the support of the Ministry of Education’s ‘LINC+’ to foster one-person creators. The studio was built to strengthen the creative capacity of students, create jobs, revitalize the local economy, and to involve in one or a group of students.


Q2. Who manages the self-studio equipment?

Deputy director Ga-Sook Han: The self-studio is managed at the Electronic Information Service Desk on the 1st floor of the Central Library. It is equipped with cameras, green screens, tablet monitors. Overall studio management and even these equipment are overseen by the Electronic Information Service Desk.


Q3. How would the self-studio administrator handle an incident if it is an unmanned operation?

Deputy director Ga-Sook Han: When students want to use the studio, the Electronic Information Service Desk sends confirmation for their reservation in advance on the Hi-portal, and lists what equipment they will use and for what purpose. Then, the manager goes to the studio and instructs students on how to set up and use the equipment. When students finish using the studio and equipment, the manager goes to the studio to check the equipment, and then the students can leave, so I think there is no big problem. There is a concern about losing the equipment, but this is no really an issue because we all know what kind of equipment and studio the students have used.


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues and with the growing number of one-person creators, establishing a studio for Hannam University's LINC+ business team was an excellent choice. Hannam University's self-studio is available for two hours a day for free. Also, unlike other places, Hannam University's self-studio can be used by local residents as well as school students. This is in line with Hannam University's vision of a community-based university that cooperates and prospers through continuous exchanges with local communities. As a result, it was possible to address the needs of the local economy as well as the student employment problems. We hope Hannam University students and local residents will make good use of the self-studio and be proud of the results.

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