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<Lee Young-Chae>

The time I spent as part of the English newspaper team seems to have gone by so fast. I probably won’t forget the brief period I spent as a trainee journalist and the many struggles I experienced as a regular contributor any time soon. I still fondly remember the first article I wrote about the football team when I first joined the Media Center. I loved writing articles where I needed to go out and cover events and conduct interviews myself I enjoyed every moment of it. Whether it was taking pictures of the football team, conducting an interview with the Daejeon Travel Lounge, visiting the Daejeon Traditional Narae Hall to take photos, or covering the Seoul Youth Day event, every experience felt meaningful and fun to me. I am still striving toward my dream of becoming a journalist. Of course, I can't guarantee what the future holds, but at least for the two years at the Hannam University Media Center, I was able to pursue my dream as a student journalist, if only for a moment. That is why I love the Media Center, and I also appreciate our English Newspaper Editorial Team for all the great memories we made together. To those who are leaving, I wish you the best of luck for the future, and to those who will remain, keep up the good work. With lots of love, thank you to everyone at the Media Center.


<Lee Ji-Seon>

During my interview for the Editorial Team, I remember being so mesmerized by the Editor-in-Chief’s charisma that I immediately knew that I wanted to work under such a leader. When I was offered a chance to work with the English newspaper team, I joined with one half of me worried about my English and the other half eager to talk with the Editor-in-Chief. I was quite nervous at first, but the Editor-in-Chief and senior regular contributors were very nice to me, and they gave off an aura of confidence in their work. I enjoyed my time as a trainee, trying my hand at writing, covering stories with other reporters, writing my own articles, and improving my English skills. Even though I had many shortcomings, the team generously took the time to help and train me. The Editor-in-Chief provided me with valuable feedback and always encouraged me to think for myself. The senior regular contributors of the team took care of me on a regular basis and gave me tips for taking photos. I will also cherish the memories I made with my fellow trainees, with whom I had a lot of fun as well as meaningful conversations. I completed my trainee period in the second semester of 2023, and it was a period full of smiles thanks to the team that felt more like a family. I promise to take the next step in my growth as a reporter.


<Choi Seong-Jin>

I was truly happy working at the Media Center since I could do what I always dreamed of doing. It feels great knowing that I will soon finish my reporter training, which was full of excitement and tension. But as they say, the end of one journey is the beginning of another. Looking back, I remember constantly thinking about how I could improve as a writer. The 171st issue of Hannam Times is the culmination of the editorial team’s efforts, with each article requiring much thought, feedback, and revision to perfect. This process played an important part in my growth and development. My fellow trainees Suyoung and Jiseon and I made a great team since the three of us could encourage and rely on each other. I also want to thank our regular contributor Youngchae and the Editor-in-Chief Yoomi for all their help and teachings! I will remember my experience as part of the Hannam Times team as the highlight of the year for 21-year-old me. I still have a lot more to learn, but I will continue to work hard to improve myself and contribute to the newspaper next year. Thank you!


<Choi Su-Yeong>

It seems like only yesterday that I first joined the Hannam Times team as a trainee reporter, but this year is already coming to an end. Writing my first article, doing my first interview, and going through each step the editing process were all precious experiences to me. When I saw the first article with my name on it, I felt a sense of pride as a real student reporter. Since I had to write articles in English, I tried to use English expressions as accurately as possible, but it was definitely not easy given my lack of experience as a writer. However, I gradually learned the ropes and developed as a reporter. There were difficult times, but my seniors and colleagues gave me much needed support and comfort. Thanks to their help, I was able to successfully finish my year-long reporter training. I want to express my deepest appreciation to my seniors and colleagues for all their support. I learned a lot over the year, and I know that there is still a lot more to learn. I promise to always work hard to become a better version of myself every day. Hopefully, I will be able to look back fondly at this moment when I am older. I look forward to working with Hannam Times again next year, and I am eager to write even better articles for all our readers. Be on the lookout for me as a regular contributor next year! Thank you.

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