The secret of Jew’s success
The secret of Jew’s success
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이 기사를 공유합니다하브루타#/media/파일:Carteret_beis_medrash.jpg하브루타#/media/파일:Carteret_beis_medrash.jpg

Have you heard of Jew? You may know that they are very intelligent race and a believer in Judaism. Actually, they are only 0.2 percent of worldwide people but have 22 percent of an all-time Novel prize laureate. Albert Einstein, Bill Gates(MS), Mark Elliot Zuckerberg(Facebook), Larry Page and Sergey Brin(Google), , whom we know very well, are also Jew. As well as, they have influence over in many various fields such as finance, economy, politics etc. How could they succeed? Of course, there are many reasons for success but the key point is in their education. Jews have long used their education culture, the Habruta. The Habruta means that finding the truth through arguments with partners regardless of age, gender or rank. This originated in asking a question to partner each other for learning Talmud which is Jew's scriptures. Let’s find out why education culture is the secret of Jews.

You have to check their classroom’s scenery to know Jew’s education culture like you have to visit the country to know there culture. What kind of scenery comes to mind when you think of a classroom? If you have been educated in Korea, you can imagine teachers teaching very enthusiastic and students listening and writing passionately what teachers say or sleeping. But Jews classroom is different from ours. Students debate enthusiastic and teachers just present a topic and help students not to get off the subject. Also, If there is a break in the flow during a discussion, ask questions so that students can think for themselves. Like this, a discussion class centered on students is more efficient than a cramming class centered on professor. The NTL(National Training Laboratory) Presented the result of the study on the learning efficiency according to the learning methods. The result is that a student-centered class, "Explaining in Words," was able to remember 90 percent of what was learned 24 hours ago. But Professor-centered class is 5 percent memorable for listening, 10 percent for reading, 20 percent for audiovisual classes, and 30 percent for viewing pilot classes. The reason for this huge gap is because of the metacognition. The Metacognition is a perception-related intelligence to realize what you know and what you don’t know. This perception makes you find problems and solve it for yourself. To make known the importance of this, EBS did a test in program called <Why we go to University>. Participants were divided into teams A (explain each other and prepare for the test) and B (each reads and writes and prepares for the test). And both studied part of Western history for three hours before the test was conducted under the same conditions. The overall average came to 76 points for the team A and 48 points for the team B.

Because team A explained verbally in pairs, so they knew what didn't know and could study it mainly. For this reason, they were able to make good results. Team A did well in metacognition. A student of Team B said that “When I tried to solve the questions, I couldn't remember the important part exactly.”. This is the result of the illusion that you know something. Jews can do metacognition through the Habruta and this could be the secret of their success.

The second secret of success is the Habruta raises the thinking power. You should debate with others over explaining your opinion when you do the Habruta. In order to do that, you should unfold your opinion logically. Through this course, Jews raise the thinking power. It is not easy to ask questions if you have weak self-thinking power. Korean students don’t ask any questions in class as their grades grow up. Unfortunately, when asked questions, they sometimes get a stinging attention. Not asking questions means cramming the answer to questions rather than thinking the problem deeply. It is like a baby bird eating food that mother has chewed. This also degenerates creativity. According to the results, IQ Research, an IQ analysis site, Korean has the second highest in the world with an average of 106. But, Korean’s creativity is lower than Jew’s. Korean has degenerated their creativity through the cramming education but Jews have enhanced their creativity with the Habruta. The creativity developed by the Habruta is the second secret of Jew’s success.

  So far, we've learned about the secret to Jewish success, the Harbruta. The more I get to know about the Habruta, the more I feel sad about the cramming education in Korea. The role of education is to make students think correctly and grow well. Koreans have the second highest IQ in the world with an average, but their education method inhibits students' thinking power and creativity. On the contrary, Jews develop it through the Habruta. Korean education’s problem, such as cramming and test score—oriented education, have long been a controversy. However, students preparing for college entrance exams in Korea cannot avoid memorization-oriented studies to get a good grade. Without a change in Korea's entrance examination culture, to solve fundamental problems will be difficult and success in areas which requiring creativity like the Nobel Prize will continue to be sluggish. Now, changes are needed in Korea's education culture. Why don't we actively reflect the education culture of the Jews, the Habruta, for a better future of Korea?

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