The need for concern for vegetarians
The need for concern for vegetarians
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Recently, an internal fast food company launched a vegetable burger. It led attention by promoting it as a "miracle that tastes like meat without meat. Some people responded positively, because they thought it means change the cognition of vegetarianism in Korea. In 2018,  year-on-year sales increased the meat made of soy 17 percent, vegetarian instant noodles 11 percent, and vegetable milk 64 percent. Like this, increase of launch and sales of vegetarian products indicates that people’s interest and consumption of vegetarian diet are increasing. Vegetarianism means avoids meat and mainly eat vegetarian diet. And we call this people who have vegetarianism as a vegetarian. Vegetarians are divided into 10 categories depending on what they eat grains, fish, dairy products and fruits, etc. There are Plexi Terian eats grains, fruits, vegetable, nuts, Lacto Vegetarian eats plant-based foods, dairy products ,Raw fooder eats vegetable, nuts, fruits, Pollo vegetarian eats foods except for meat and fish, and Vegun eats only plant-based foods.  Also, the interest animal rights and the environment, conduct a campaign not to consume animal products. Let’s find out about the events and social situations related to vegetarian.

Every year, October 1st is World Vegetarian Day. The International Vegetarian Union created a day for the vegetarians with an aim of protecting life, protecting the environment, promoting health and solving hunger problems. This day’s purpose is to share a vegetarian diet, so vegetarians recommend that non-vegetarians join the vegetarian diet in a total of four stages. Announcing 'World Vegetarian Day,' explaining the effects of vegetarian diet, exploring the recipes of vegan, and talking about benefits of the vegetarian diet. And in celebration of World Vegetarian Day, International Vegetarian Union holds a vegetarian festival every year by designating one country. The festival started in 1908 Dresden, Germany and has been held in every two years. In 2020, Beijing, China, will host the festival from November 1 to 4. The festival features vegetarian speeches, exhibitions, art performances and food sharing programs. They also visit vegetarian restaurants which is located in the festival’s country and look back on the need for vegetarian diet as they face problems such as the environment, health, and hunger. At the 2018 World Vegetarian Day in Kenya,  Jessica Eva gave a speech on vegetarian diet and Virginia Nyaga presented a primitive diet as vegetarian. In addition, some people who participated in the festival visited Nairobi National Park and faced the rights of animals while watching them live in the wild.

Since the Day on Vegetables is established and related events are held every year, there are more and more ways to get access to them. In Korea, we should seek a restaurant which has main dish for vegetarians. because it is rare in this country. In addition, vegetarian diet are hard to find in general stores except those consumed by non-vegetarians such as vegetables and dairy products, and are not found in large mart. However, the growing consumption of vegetarian diet and convenience stores are also offering gimbap and lunch boxes for vegetarian, indicating the position on vegetarian diet is gradually expanding in Korea. Foreign country, Denmark, Canada, and the United Kingdom have a separate section for alternative foods at the large mart, and they also sell retort foods such as pizza and pasta for vegetarians. As foreign countries recognize vegetarian diet as a single mainstream food culture, the thing about vegetarianism is generalized rather than Korea. Therefore, there are so many options for vegetarian diet.

As interest in vegetarian diet grows, people's opinions are divided. Today, Vegetarianism are recommended to prevent chronic diseases such as adult diseases and diabetes. They also emphasize vegetarian diet for the environment and animals. They argued that the view on vegetarian diet will changes when considering narrow cages that animals live, preservatives and food additives, narrow cages where animals live, and butcher only for humans. However, vegetarianism causes a deficiency of essential nutrients such as vitamin B, D, and calcium. Therefore it is necessary to consult a doctor to find a vegetarian diet that fits your body. Because of this, there are people who oppose vegetarianism with this problem. In March of 2019, there was an incident in front of a vegan grocery store in London, England, where people ate squirrel carcasses in opposition to vegetarianism. Like this, opposite campaigns and incidents occur with negative feelings on vegetarianism to the point with the word "vegetarian abhorrence" is mentioned in abroad.

There are more awareness and environment for vegetarian diet than before, but the situation is still lacking.  For lack of awareness, the stance on vegetarian diet is extremely divided.  Resulting in poor nutrition in extreme assent cases and crime in extreme dissent cases. For lack of environment, there were also people on social media who complained about their hardships, "I was in vain because I didn't have a menu for a Vegan" and "I have to pack my lunch. However, I think that slow progress is hopeful, and that only interest in vegetarianism will bring greater understanding and respect among people through information sharing. Additionally, we need to recognize that vegetarianism is a choice to think, respect, and keep our beliefs in line with our environment rather than following or being emotionally involved with that option.

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